General Pyrometers

We are a leading manufacturer of infrared pyrometers catering to various industrial applications and research & development. Our expertise lies in non-contact temperature measurement, allowing us to determine the temperature of object surfaces without direct contact.

Our infrared pyrometers are built to deliver precision temperature spot measurement and reliable monitoring for industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, and process automation & control. With an impressive temperature range from -40°C to 3200°C, our pyrometers are versatile and adaptable to diverse applications, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Integrating our infrared pyrometers into your processes will be a game-changer, especially in industries where temperature plays a vital role. Our products are designed to elevate performance and streamline operations for manufacturing, function checks of various devices and systems, or research endeavors.

Accurate Sensing Technologies brings you the power of non-contact temperature measurement. Discover our innovative solutions that revolutionize industrial processes and empower research & development at ASTInfrared.

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