T Series Pyrometer

T Series IR Pyrometer

T Series Pyrometer

IR Pyrometer Using Two-Wire Technology & Compact OEM-Recommended Digital Pyrometers
Introducing the T-Series: Cutting-Edge OEM-Recommended IR Pyrometers The T-Series encompasses a range of meticulously crafted OEM-recommended models, purpose-built to excel in even the most demanding industrial environments. These pyrometers have been thoughtfully designed with a keen focus on compactness, small housing dimensions, and minimal maintenance requirements.


Key Advantages of the

  • Innovative two-wire technology for effortless electrical connections
  • Compact and accurate design with stainless steel housing for industrial robustness
  • Adjustable parameters such as Analog Sub Range, Response Time, Peak Picker, and Valley Picker
  • Precision Laser Light for enhanced measuring object targeting
  • Digital TTL output and small spot sizes for versatile applications
  • TL8 model replaces contact probes with K-type or J-type thermocouple outputs
  • Standard 0.5V, 4…20mA, and 0…20mA Analog outputs covering 0°C to 500°C range
  • Integrated Alarm Output for added utility
  • Infralink USB Interface for seamless access to Infrasoft Software

Standard Inclusions in the Package

  • A Pyrometer complete with a 3-meter-long connection cable
  • Isolated Analog output (2-wire) ranging from 4mA to 20mA
  • Adjustable emissivity switch for enhanced adaptability
  • TTL output
  • Comprehensive Calibration certificate, Software, and a detailed Operation manual
  • A Pyrometer complete with a 3-meter-long connection cable
  • Versatile Analog output options: 0 – 5V, 4…20mA, and a choice between K or J-type thermocouple output (Select one during ordering)
  • Inclusion of TTL output & Alarm output (applicable to the TL8 model)
  • Comprehensive Calibration certificate, Software, and a detailed Operation Manual

Exploring Optional Enhancements

We also offer a variety of optional enhancements to cater to your specific requirements:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Accessories for further customization
  • USB Interface card coupled with advanced PC Software for streamlined data access and management
  • Additional cable lengths to ensure optimal setup flexibility

Experience the Future of IR Pyrometry with the T-Series. Embrace precision, efficiency, and reliability like never before.


  • Mechanical and Electrical Accessories
  • USB Interface card & PC Software
  • Extra cable lengths

Models At Glance

ModelTemperature RangeSpectral RangeAimingDownload
T3-250250°C – 1000°C
300°C – 1300°C
350°C – 2500°C
1.6 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
T3-450600°C – 2500°C1.0 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
T3-390300°C – 1400°C3.9 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
T3-514300°C – 1400°C
400°C – 2500°C
5.14 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
T3-8140°C – 1000°C
75°C – 1000°C
8 – 14 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
TL-80°C – 500°C8 – 14 μmDatasheet

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