Furnace Monitoring Cameras

Introducing the AST TFV-750/TE-750 high-temperature furnace monitoring system, your ultimate solution for real-time insights into furnace processes. At ASTInfrared, we offer a system that provides an internal wide-angle view of burner flames, material alignment, movement, and other critical processes within furnaces, boilers, reheating, melting, or any combustion chamber.

Our high-precision pinhole lens, mounted inside a stainless-steel probe, captures visual and thermal images, ensuring accurate monitoring of high-temperature environments. The system has a continuous air supply and swirling air, enabling it to function flawlessly in extreme temperatures while keeping the lens clean. A water-cooling system further enhances its performance, making it an ideal choice for demanding furnace conditions.

Safety and efficiency are at the forefront of the TFV-750/TE-750 system. It features an automatic pull-in and pull-out mechanism controlled by a user-friendly PLC and pneumatic control system. When the internal probe’s temperature exceeds the set limits or compressed air pressure drops below the specified value, the camera automatically moves out of the furnace. During removal, a spring-loaded shutter closes the furnace opening, ensuring a secure and efficient operation.

Whether you need to monitor combustion processes, observe material alignment, or maintain optimal furnace performance, our TFV-750/TE-750 system delivers unparalleled visibility and control. Experience the power of advanced furnace monitoring technology with Accurate Sensing Technology at ASTInfrared. Embrace safety, efficiency, and precision with our high-temperature furnace monitoring system for your industrial needs.

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