Furnace Monitoring Cameras

We provide AST TFV-750/TE-750 high temperature furnace monitoring system. This system provides an internal wide-angle view of burner flames, material alignment and movement, and other processes in a furnace-like furnace, boilers, reheat furnace, melting furnace, or other combustion chamber. The normal view system TFV-750/1100 and the thermal vision system TE-750/1100 are mounted on the furnace wall. It consists of an automatic pull-in and pull-out system, which is controlled by a control box with PLC, Pneumatic control system.

We use a special visual or thermal camera with a high-precision pinhole lens that is mounted inside a stainless-steel probe. The probe is equipped with swirling air; a water-cooling system that allows the system to work in a high temperature environment and also a continuous air supply keeps the lens clean.

When the temperature of the internal probe rises above the set limits or the compressed air pressure; the water flow drops below the set value, then the camera will automatically move out of the furnace. The camera is inserted through a spring-loaded shutter that opens the camera probe force and closes the furnace opening when the probe is removed.

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