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Since 1994

Accurate Sensing Technologies

Temperature is one most common measured physical entity among vivid industrial sectors. Understanding the very importance of temperature in process industries, Accurate Sensing Technologies was founded in 1994 to focus exclusively on non-contact temperature measurement solutions for Aluminium surfaces with low, unstable and variable emissivity characteristics. Today AST is a leading name among manufacturers of infrared temperature measurement devices for different industrial applications as well as research & development. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes Infrared Pyrometers, Thermal Imagers, Furnace monitoring systems and black body furnaces for Processes Industries like Steel, Aluminium, Cement, Glass, and non-metals and various R&D applications. We are one of the largest solution providers in non-contact temperature measurement solutions. We use innovative approaches for handling the unstable targets and intermediate conditions common to process industries via achieving a degree of accuracy far better than other products available in the market.

Our product program covers infrared pyrometers, infrared cameras, black bodies and furnace monitoring systems. Non-contact temperature measurement with AST sensors and thermal imaging cameras ensures high production line quality standards. The quality and flexibility of the sensors and thermal imaging cameras offer a variety of benefits and ensure cost savings.

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Our highly experienced Electro-Physics, Optical scientists and application engineering teams continuously strives to provide our valuable customers best possible solutions in the world of infrared measurement technology. Today, we have a strong Sales & Service network across the globe and a worldwide network of dealers spread over several countries. Our sales/dealer network with experienced and qualified application experts assures customer satisfaction via instant solutions and feedbacks. With large vivid distributors network worldwide our products are just a mouse click away.


Our product range includes

We strive to provide regular dealer trainings via conferences, webinars, joint customer visits for demonstration and participating in various exhibitions worldwide.  We are continuously expanding our global presence in order to achieve our vision of becoming one of the leading non – contact temperature measurement solution providers globally. We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited to guarantee all our internal procedures. We ensure unobstructed production of all products every time for our valuable customers and dealers worldwide. 

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