Black Bodies

Accurate Sensing Technology (AST) proudly presents a diverse range of highly stable Black Body Furnaces designed explicitly to calibrate non-contact IR thermometers and thermal imagers. Our Black Body Furnaces provide exceptional accuracy across a wide temperature range, from -10°C to 3000°C, ensuring reliable calibration for your temperature measurement instruments.

At ASTInfrared, you’ll find an array of Black Body Furnaces tailored to meet your calibration needs. Our offerings include Extended Area Black Bodies and Cavity Black Bodies, both featuring a high target emissivity of 0.99. These Black Bodies guarantee precise and consistent temperature references, allowing you to confidently calibrate your non-contact IR thermometers and thermal imagers.

Our Extended Area Black Bodies provide a large target surface area, enabling efficient calibration of instruments that require a wider field of view. On the other hand, our Cavity Black Bodies feature a cavity design, optimizing accuracy and stability for devices with specific calibration requirements.

With AST’s Black Body Furnaces, you can ensure that your non-contact IR thermometers and thermal imagers are calibrated to the highest standards. Trust in our Black Bodies to provide stable and reliable temperature references, facilitating accurate and traceable temperature measurements in your applications.

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