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Portable Pyrometers

High-Precision Portable Infrared Pyrometers
Our line of portable pyrometers boasts exceptional accuracy and is equipped with top-tier focusable optics. Achieving the desired spot sizes, as outlined in the accompanying table, is effortless by adjusting the optics to match the required measuring distance. This adjustment can be achieved through either the scale on the objective or by focusing on the measuring object using the viewfinder. Our users have the flexibility to fine-tune the measuring distance within the range of 500mm to 9000mm.


Key Advantages: 

Models: P250 / P450 / P450C

Specifically engineered for non-contact temperature measurements in demanding industrial environments, the P250, P450, and P450C portable IR pyrometers offer exceptional accuracy and reliability.

  • The P250 and P450 models are designed to deliver precision temperature measurements. They excel in various industrial settings, offering reliable results.
  • The P450C model is a two-color portable IR pyrometer meticulously crafted to handle temperature measurement challenges within the range of 600°C to 2500°C in demanding industrial scenarios.
  • An informative, multi-functional backlit LCD graphic display panel provides instant insights into pyrometer status, configuration, and measurement mode. This facilitates on-site analysis of measurement results.
  • Achieve impeccable precision with the clear through-the-lens sighting, enabling accurate targeting of measurement spots.
  • Seamlessly log data with remarkable speed and simplicity. USB connectivity allows for convenient data transfer to a PC for in-depth analysis.
  • Alternatively, utilize Bluetooth and USB connectivity for data logging, enabling data download to a PC or mobile device.
  • A generous data storage capacity, accommodating up to 4000 values, provides unparalleled opportunities for comprehensive data analysis.
  • Employ focusable precision optics to finely adjust spot sizes according to your measurement needs.
  • Standard USB connectivity offers a direct communication link to a PC for effortless data transfer and management.
PGM+ Advancements:
  • Log readings along with timestamps, broadening the scope of temperature data analysis. The built-in data logging capability stores up to 1000 readings for thorough review.
  • Effortlessly measure temperatures with a single button press. Place the probe tip on the target surface, capture the reading, and witness it displayed on the OLED screen and stored for reference.
  • Rely on remarkable accuracy with a spectral response of 1.6 μm. The short wavelength operation effectively minimizes errors stemming from emissivity or optics contamination.
  • Convenience and portability define this thermometer. It is sturdy and lightweight, with an interchangeable probe for on-site versatility.
  • Enjoy the ease of in-built charging with clear battery status indications for low, charging, and fully charged battery states.
  • The rotatable probe offers a 360° rotation across 18 steps, ensuring adaptable measurements from various angles.
TI-1500 / TI-1800
  • Swift temperature measurement capabilities.
  • Integrated data logger featuring real-time clock functionality.
  • Equipped with a K-type thermocouple socket.
  • Large multicolored LCD display with automatic backlight, complemented by user-friendly parameterization keys.
  • Easily identify minimum, maximum, and average temperature readings.
  • Audible temperature alarm for prompt awareness.
  • Auto Off feature for energy conservation.
  • Battery status display for added convenience.

Included in Standard Package

For P250 / P450 / P450C Models:
  • Pyrometer with through-the-lens sighting.
  • USB interface with USB 2.0 cable.
  • Three rechargeable batteries and battery charger.
  • Durable carry box.
  • Calibration certificate, software, and operation manual.
For PGM+ Model:
  • Pyrometer with 90° rotatable probe.
  • Three AAA rechargeable cells and battery charger.
  • USB data cable.
  • Sturdy carry case.
  • Calibration certificate, software, and operation manual.

Our range of highly advanced portable IR pyrometers offers unparalleled accuracy and convenience. Experience precise temperature measurements in demanding industrial environments with ease and confidence.

Models At Glance

ModelTemperature RangeSpectral RangeAimingDownload
P250210°C – 1350°C
250°C – 1800°C
300°C – 2500°C
1.6 µmOptimized through lens view finder with dioptry correction -2.5 dpt. to +2.5 dptDatasheet
P450600°C – 2500°C
700°C – 3000°C
1.0 μmOptimized through lens view finder with dioptry correction -2.5 dpt. to +2.5 dptDatasheet
P390400°C – 1400°C3.9 μmOptimized through lens view finder with dioptry correction -2.5 dpt. to +2.5 dptDatasheet
P450C600°C – 1600°C
800°C – 2500°C
0.7 – 1.15 μmOptimized through lens view finder with dioptry correction -2.5 dpt. to +2.5 dptDatasheet
TI 15000°C to 1500°C8…14 μmPortable Digital Infrared PyrometerDatasheet
TI 1800250°C to 1800°C1.6 μmPortable Digital Infrared PyrometerDatasheet
PGM+250°C – 600°C1.6 μmDatasheet

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