A+ Series

A+ Series Highly Accurate Infrared Pyrometers

A+ Series

Highly Accurate Infrared Pyrometers with Focusable Optics
The A+ series of pyrometers represents highly accurate digital IR focusable pyrometers designed to deliver exceptional performance and low maintenance for non-contact temperature measurements in demanding industrial and R&D environments.


Key Features:

  • Integrated OLED Display & Parameterizing Keys: The A+ series pyrometers come equipped with an integrated OLED display and parameterizing keys conveniently located on the back panel. Using the intuitive keypad interface, enables users to easily set parameters such as emissivity, response time, and peak picker.
  • Sighting Options: Choose from laser-targeting, through-the-lens viewfinder, and video sighting options, providing flexibility to suit various measurement scenarios.
  • Single and Two-Color Models: The A+ series available in both single-colour pyrometers (A250+ and A450+) and a specialized two-color models (A450C+). Additionally, these pyrometers allow seamless switching between single and two-color modes to cater to different application needs.
  • Analog Output: Available analog output options 0…20mA/4…20mA and an RS-485 serial interface with MODBUS protocol ensuring smooth data transmission and integration with other systems.
  • LED Indication: The pyrometers are equipped with a green LED for pyrometer status indication and a red LED for laser ON/OFF indication, facilitating easy operation and monitoring.
  • User-Friendly Infrasoft PC Software: Simplify communication and data management with the user-friendly Infrasoft PC software provided with the A+ series.
  • Measurement Stability: The A+ series pyrometers maintain measurement stability even when switching the laser ON/OFF.

Standard Scope of Supply:

The A+ series pyrometers come with the following components as part of the standard scope of supply:

  • Pyrometer with Focusable Optics, OLED Display & Parameterizing Keys
  • Laser Pilot Light (PL)/Through the Lens (TL) Sighting/Video Module (User can select while ordering)
  • Analog Output 4…20mA, 0…20mA
  • Digital Interface RS-485
  • 5 mtr Long Connection Cable with Connector
  • 1.5 mtr. Communication Cable
  • Calibration Certificate, Software & Operation Manual

Optional Accessories:

To further enhance the functionality and adaptability of the pyrometers, customers can ask for optional accessories based on their specific requirements –

  • Mechanical & Electrical Accessories
  • Extra Cable Lengths

The A+ series of highly accurate infrared pyrometers with focusable optics is designed to offer high performance and accurate temperature measurements in various industrial and research applications. Experience superior performance and efficiency with these advanced pyrometers from AST Infrared.

Models At Glance

ModelTemperature RangeSpectral RangeAimingDownload
A250+210°C – 1350°C
250°C – 1800°C
300°C – 2500°C
350°C – 3000°C
1.6 μmLaser Pilot Light/ Through the Lens View Finder/ Video ModuleDatasheet
A250 C+475°C – 1475°C1.5μm/1.6 μmLaser Pilot Light (PL)Datasheet
A450+600°C – 2500°C1.0 μmLaser Pilot Light/ Through the Lens View Finder/ Video ModuleDatasheet
A450C+600°C – 1600°C
800°C – 2500°C
0.7 μm – 1.15 μmLaser Pilot Light/ Through the Lens View Finder/ Video ModuleDatasheet
A250+ FO PL250°C – 1800°C
300°C – 2500°C
1.6 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
A450+ FO PL600°C – 2500°C1.0 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
A250C+ FO PL350°C -1350°C1.5/1.6 µmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
A450C+ FO PL600°C – 1600°C
800°C – 2500°C
1000°C – 3200°C
0.7 μm – 1.15 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
SRU FO350°C….2000°C0.01 – 1.5 adjustableExplosion Proof PyrometerDatasheet

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