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A Series Pyrometers

Advanced Industrial Pyrometers
The A Series pyrometers are specifically engineered for non-contact temperature measurement in challenging industrial environments. These pyrometers boast high accuracy and a compact stainless steel housing that ensures operational safety in harsh conditions.


Key Features

The A Series offers various models with distinct features to cater to different temperature measurement needs:

  • A250 and A450: These models provide single-color options for temperature measurement. The A250C and A450C variants are available, offering two-color temperature measurement modes. This flexibility allows users to switch between single- and two-color modes based on their requirements.
  • A250 FO-PL & A450 FO-PL: These models are equipped with highly accurate digital Fibre Optic technology, making them ideal for non-contact temperature measurement in high ambient temperature applications without cooling. Moreover, these pyrometers excel in processes involving electromagnetic interferences.
  • Laser or Through the Lens Viewfinder Sighting Options: Users can choose either the Laser pilot light (PL) or Through the Lens (TL) sighting option, providing greater convenience and precision in target alignment.
  • Analog Output Options: The A Series pyrometers come with analog output options, including 0…20mA, 4…20mA, and 0…10V, offering versatile connectivity possibilities for integration into various industrial systems.
  • A150: This specially designed model operates near the IR spectrum’s end, making it an excellent choice for measuring ferrous and non-ferrous metals above 75°C. The A150’s suitability for such measurements stems from the higher emissivity of un-oxidized metal surfaces at shorter wavelengths.
  • Bluetooth V2.0 and RS-232/ RS-485 Serial Interface: The A Series pyrometers are equipped with Bluetooth V2.0 and RS-232/ RS-485 interfaces, enabling efficient and reliable communication for data transfer.
  • User-Friendly Infrasoft PC Software: The A Series comes with user-friendly Infrasoft PC software that simplifies communication and enhances ease of use.

Standard Scope Of Supply

When you choose the A Series pyrometers, the following items are included in the standard scope of supply:

  • Pyrometer with Laser pilot light (PL) or Through the Lens (TL) sighting (user selection during ordering)
  • Analog output options: 4…20mA, 0…20mA, 0…10V
  • Bluetooth/USB 2.0 output for seamless data transmission
  • Digital Interface RS-232/ RS-485 for convenient connectivity (user selectable)
  • 5-meter long connection cable with connector for extended reach
  • 1.5-meter Communication Cable for effective communication setup
  • Calibration certificate, Software & Operation manual to ensure accurate measurements and easy setup


Additionally, the A Series offers optional features that users can specify while ordering:

  • Single Analog Input 4…20mA: This feature allows users to adjust emissivity or compensate for background ambient conditions, enhancing measurement accuracy. This option is applicable for the A Series pyrometers.
  • Mechanical & Electrical Accessories: Users can opt for various mechanical and electrical accessories to tailor the pyrometers to their specific application needs.
  • Extra Cable Lengths: For situations requiring extended cable lengths, users can request additional cable lengths to accommodate their setup requirements.
  • The A Series pyrometers’ exceptional accuracy, compact design, and extensive features make them the perfect choice for non-contact temperature measurement in demanding industrial settings.

Models At Glance

ModelTemperature RangeSpectral RangeAimingDownload
1.6 μmLaser Pilot Light / Through the Lens View FinderDatasheet
A450600°C….2500°C1.0 μmLaser Pilot Light / Through the Lens View FinderDatasheet
1.5 μm/ 1.6 μmLaser Pilot Light / Through the Lens View FinderDatasheet
0.7 μm – 1.15 μmLaser Pilot Light / Through the Lens View FinderDatasheet
A15075°C – 700°C
100°C – 700°C
2 – 2.6 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
A250 FO-PL250°C – 1800°C 300°C – 2500°C1.6 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
A450 FO-PL600°C – 2500°C1.0 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
A250C FO-PL350°C – 1000°C
450°C – 1350°C
1.5 μm / 1.6 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
A450C FO-PL600°C -1600°C
800°C – 2500°C
1000°C – 3200°C
0.7 μm – 1.15 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
AL300°C – 1000°C
75°C – 1000°C
8 – 14 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
AL390300°C – 1400°C3.9 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
AL514300°C – 1400°C
400°C – 2500°C
5.14 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet
AL45400°C – 1500°Cabout 4.43 μm (absorption band for hot CO2)Laser Pilot LightDatasheet
IR CAST 2C700°C – 1700 °C0.7 – 1.15 μmThrough the lens view finderDatasheet

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