Calsys 1200BB

Calsys 1200BB Black Body Furnace

Calsys 1200BB

Highly Stable Precision Calibration Black Body Furnace
Introducing the CALsys 1200BB, your trusted companion for precise calibration. This High-Stability Black Body Furnace sets the standard for accuracy, catering to non-contact IR thermometer calibration across a wide temperature range, from 300 to 1200°C.



The CALsys 1200BB is distinguished by its outstanding features, making it the preferred choice for calibration applications. At its core is a generously sized temperature-controlled black body target boasting a substantial 40 mm diameter. This expansive target area ensures a broad view for your IR thermometer, facilitating precise calibration. With an emissivity rating of 0.99(±0.01), you can trust the accuracy of your measurements. Temperature control is entrusted to a self-tuned PID controller, offering reliable and automatic adjustment for consistent performance.

Key Features

  1. Wide Temperature Operating Range: Cover a comprehensive temperature spectrum from 300 to 1200°C, accommodating a wide range of calibration requirements.
  2. High Calibration Stability: Count on the CALsys 1200BB for unmatched calibration stability.
  3. Effortless PC Connectivity: Seamlessly connect with your PC for enhanced control and efficient data management.
  4. User-Friendly: Experience the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a calibration solution designed with the user in mind without compromising accuracy.
  5. Integrated Sighting Tube: Facilitate precise measurement alignment and aiming with the integrated sighting tube.

Elevate your calibration processes with the CALsys 1200BB Highly Stable Black Body Furnace, setting new standards for precision and reliability in non-contact IR thermometer calibration across a wide temperature spectrum.

Model Details

ModelCalsys 1200 BB
Temperature Range300 to 1200°C
Temperature Resolution1.0°C
Stability±0.2°C at 300°C
±0.3°C at 800°C
±0.5°C at 1200°C
Controlling SensorPrecision PT/RH-PT T/C
Method of ControlDigital self-tuned PID Controller
Time to Reach Max Temp1.5 Hrs
Operating Temperature20 to 45°C
Power Requirement230 VAC, 2.5KW
Dimensions590(H) x 450(W) x 530(D) mm
CavitySilicon Carbide, 46 mm Dia x 85mm depth
External Aperture40 mm dia
WeightApprox 50 Kg

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