Calsys 1200BB

Calsys 1200BB Black Body Furnace

Calsys 1200BB

Highly Stable Black Body Furnace
CALsys 1200BB calibration source is a highly stable standard Black Body Furnace for calibrating non-contact IR thermometer for the wide temperature range of 300 to 1200°C.


The unique feature of this Black Body Furnace is a large temperature-controlled black body target with a diameter of 40 mm which offers a large view area for the IR Thermometer. The Emissivity of the target is 0.99(±0.01). The temperature of the calibrator is set and controlled by a self-tuned PID controller with automatic

Key Features

  • Wide Operating Range (300 to 1200°C)
  • High Stability
  • PC interfacing
  • Simple to use and cost-effective
  • Sighting tube

Model Details

ModelCalsys 1200 BB
Temperature Range300 to 1200°C
Temperature Resolution1.0°C
Stability±0.2°C at 300°C
±0.3°C at 800°C
±0.5°C at 1200°C
Controlling SensorPrecision PT/RH-PT T/C
Method of ControlDigital self-tuned PID Controller
Time to Reach Max Temp1.5 Hrs
Operating Temperature20 to 45°C
Power Requirement230 VAC, 2.5KW
Dimensions590(H) x 450(W) x 530(D) mm
CavitySilicon Carbide, 46 mm Dia x 85mm depth
External Aperture40 mm dia
WeightApprox 50 Kg

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