LBBH Extended Area Black Body with large emitting surface area


Extended Area Black Body with large emitting surface area
Extended area Black body is defined by the large emitting surface area precise temperature control with good uniformity. The blackbody is designed to provide infrared radiation as an ideal blackbody emitter.


Because of the large uniform surface area, the body is called an extended area black body. These data ensure high accuracy for the calibration of thermal imagers over their full field of view, the non-uniformity correction of infrared cameras, the simultaneous test of several sensors during the manufacturing process the measurement of the size of source effect on cameras. We separately provide the highly accurate programmable controller with a black body source. High-accuracy chamber has been designed separately. The temperature of the furnace is set or changed by the controller.

AST Compact Extended Area Black Body Temperature Calibrator, you have chosen an extremely effective instrument that we hope will live up to all your expectations. This is a fast, time-saving, and reliable true industrial temperature calibrator designed for on-site use. During the past several years, we have acquired extensive knowledge of industrial temperature calibration. This expertise is reflected in our products which are all designed for daily use in an industrial environment.


  • Independent controller with the calibrated area.
  • Monitored controlling device.
  • Portable controller.
  • Serial communication and computer interfacing by port Rs-232.
  • Quick and convenient calibration technique

Key Features

  • Large area emitter size
  • Good uniformity
  • Capable of operating at the wide temperature range
  • High-resolution & PC Interfacing
  • Better stability
  • High accuracy

Models Details

Emmisive Area100 x 100 mm²200 x 200 mm²300 x 300 mm²
Temperature Range50 to 500°C50 to 500°C50 to 500°C
Emissive area uniformity (1)±2 at 40°C±3 at 40°C±4 at 40°C
Temperature measurement Accuracy±0.5°C±0.5°C±0.5°C
Display resolution0.01°C0.01°C0.01°C
Method of controlDigital self tuned PID ControllerDigital self tuned PID ControllerDigital self tuned PID Controller
Head dimensions W x H x D (mm³)300 x 320 x 190 mm550 x 550 x 260 mm550 x 550 x 260 mm
Weight20 kg25 kg30kg
Max Power Consumption2KW3 KW5 KW
Power supply230 VAC, 1 ph. 50 Hz230 VAC, 1 ph. 50 Hz230 VAC, 1 ph. 50 Hz
Remote controlEthernet, RS-232Ethernet, RS-232Ethernet, RS-232
Operating temperature range (head)-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C

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