High Temperature Video View Furnace Camera System

furnace monitoring system for industrial use

High Temperature Video View Furnace Camera System

High Temperature Video View Furnace Monitoring System with auto retraction function
AST TFV Series provides inside wide angle view of the burner flames, material alignment and movement, and other processes in the furnace like kiln, heating stove or other combustion chamber. The TFV- 750 /TFV-1100 is mounted on wall of the furnace.


Discover unparalleled furnace monitoring capabilities with our High-Temperature Video View Furnace Camera System, the AST TFV Series. This innovative system has an auto-retraction feature for enhanced safety and efficiency.


The AST TFV Series offers a comprehensive view of critical processes within furnaces, kilns, heating stoves, and other combustion chambers. Mounted securely on the furnace wall, the TFV-750/TFV-1100 system boasts an inside wide-angle perspective, allowing you to monitor burner flames, material alignment, movement, and other vital furnace operations.

Key Features:

  1. Auto Retraction and Insertion: Controlled by a dedicated control cabinet with a PCB Camera Control Module and a pneumatic control system, the TFV Series features an auto retraction and insertion system for seamless operation.
  2. High-Definition Camera: The system ensures clear and detailed imaging by utilizing a specialized HD camera with a high-precision straight/elbow view pinhole lens.
  3. Vortex Air & Water Cooling: The stainless-steel probe housing incorporates a cutting-edge vortex air and water cooling system. This design enables the system to thrive in high-temperature environments while maintaining a continuous air supply to clean the lens.
  4. Automatic Safety Protocols: The camera automatically retracts from the furnace if the inner probe’s temperature exceeds preset limits or the compressed air pressure and water flow fall below specified values. A gravity shutter ensures the furnace opening is sealed when the probe is removed.
  5. Versatile Viewing Options: The TFV Series is available in straight and elbow view configurations to suit your specific needs.

Industries We Serve:

  1. Steel Industry: Gain invaluable insights into the critical furnace processes of steel production facilities.
  2. Cement Industry: Elevate operational visibility within cement manufacturing operations for enhanced efficiency.
  3. Glass Industry: Ensure precision monitoring in glass production facilities to maintain quality standards.
  4. Power Industry: Optimize oversight of combustion chambers in power generation plants for reliable energy production.
  5. Waste Burning Industry: Safeguard incinerator operations with trustworthy video monitoring solutions.
  6. Paper & Pulp Industry: Improve process control and safety in paper and pulp manufacturing processes.
  7. Petrochemical & Refining Industry: Enhance safety and streamline operations in petrochemical and refining processes.
  8. Incinerators: Ensure the efficient and secure disposal of waste materials with our monitoring systems.
  9. Research & Development: Support research initiatives with precise and dependable monitoring data.

Elevate your furnace monitoring capabilities with the AST TFV Series, equipped with auto-retraction functionality for unparalleled safety and performance. Trust in our advanced technology to enhance your operational control across various industrial applications.

Models At Glance

TFV – 750 Straight View Furnace Video Camera System (400mm)Download
TFV-750/OV Elbow View Furnace Video Camera System (400mm)Download
TFV – 1100Straight View Furnace Video Camera System (600mm)Download
TFV-1100/OVElbow View Furnace Video Camera System (600mm)Download

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