A5 S IN pyrometer with Scanner for Aluminium Applications


Advanced Multi-Wavelength Pyrometer Scanner for Precise Aluminum Applications
The A5-S-IN is an advanced multi-wavelength pyrometer scanner designed for aluminum applications. Leveraging a specialized database honed through years of practical experience, the A5-S-IN employs cutting-edge algorithms to precisely determine the actual temperature and emissivity of surfaces.


The A5-S-IN can accommodate multiple databases, allowing a single instrument to effortlessly switch between various applications such as molten metal, extruded profiles, rolled aluminum surfaces, continuous casting, aluminum billets, slabs, and more. Its laser pointer is perfectly aligned with the detector, ensuring that the laser and detector focus on the same point, facilitating accurate targeting even at significant distances. Additionally, the A5-S-IN offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless communication with Android smartphones or laptops for real-time temperature readings, parameter adjustments, database selection, and data logging.

Key Features

  1. User-Friendly: No calibration required
  2. High Precision: Achieves 1% accuracy in real-world conditions
  3. Emissivity Adaptability: Capable of measuring targets with varying emissivity
  4. Versatile: Measures through smoke, dust, water vapor, and more
  5. Built to Last: Rugged design for durability
  6. Comprehensive Accessories: Comes with a full range of accessories
  7. Functionality Galore: Offers a wide array of built-in functions
  8. Software Support: Compatible with AST NET software for PC
  9. Scanning Modes: Choose from Hottest point, Smooth point, Program point, or Continuous scanning (pendulum mode)
  10. Adjustable Scanning: Modify scanning range up to ± 20º, scanning step from 0.1º to 5º, and adjustable scanning time
  11. Working Distance: Minimum 1 meter, maximum varies based on target size
  12. Mobile Connectivity: AST Mobile Application software for Android via Bluetooth

Standard Scope of Supply

  • Integrated Laser Pilot Light
  • Digital Interface RS-232
  • Calibration Certificate, PC Software & Operation Manual

Optional Accessories

  • Mechanical and Electrical Accessories
  • Analog Output: Choose from 0…20mA, 4….20mA, 0-10V, or K type T/C
  • Extra Cable Lengths
  • Additional Connectivity Options: RS422, RS485, OpenBus, USB, Bluetooth

Experience precision and versatility like never before with the A5-S-IN, the ultimate choice for demanding aluminum applications.

Models At Glance

ModelTemperature RangeSpectral RangeAimingDownload
A5-S-IN350°C – 1300°C (662°F – 2372°F)
380°C – 1500°C (716°F – 2732°F)
440°C – 2000°C (824°F – 3632°F)
1.3 – 1.6 µmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet

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