Aluminium Pyrometer A5-S-IN


Cutting-Edge IR Non-Contact Pyrometer with Integrated Scanning System for Precision Aluminium Applications
Presenting the A5-S-EX, an advanced multi-wavelength pyrometer scanner meticulously designed for Aluminium applications. Boasting a plug-and-play mechanism, this device is backed by an application-specific database forged from extensive real-world experience. With the A5-S-EX, revolutionary algorithms are harnessed to precisely compute both surface emissivity and actual temperature, elevating accuracy to unparalleled heights.


Key Features:

Versatile Database Management: The A5-S-EX is equipped to house numerous databases. This unique feature empowers a single instrument to seamlessly transition between many applications, encompassing Molten Metal analysis, Extruded Profiles inspection, Rolled Aluminium Surface evaluation, Continuous Casting monitoring, Aluminium Billets assessment, Slabs analysis, and beyond.

Laser Precision: The A5-S-EX ensures impeccable congruity between the laser and detector focal points by incorporating a laser pointer harmoniously aligned with the detector. This alignment enables impeccable precision in targeting, even across extensive distances, thus revolutionizing long-distance aiming.

Unveiling the Model’s Excellence:

Calibration-Free Convenience: The A5-S-EX’s operation transcends calibration requirements, streamlining usability and saving valuable time.

Real-World Precision: With a staggering 1% accuracy achieved in authentic on-site conditions, the A5-S-EX is a paragon of pyrometry precision.

Emissivity Versatility: Its ability to discern targets with fluctuating emissivity underscores the A5-S-EX’s adaptability, making it an asset in environments laden with smoke, dust, water vapor, and beyond.

Resilient Design: Crafted to endure rigorous usage, the A5-S-EX’s rugged construction ensures unfaltering performance even in demanding scenarios.

Comprehensive Functionality: A comprehensive array of built-in functions enriches the A5-S-EX’s operational spectrum, catering to diverse application requirements.

Seamless PC Integration: The A5-S-EX seamlessly interfaces with the AST NET software, rendering PC control and data management effortless.

Varied Scanning Modes: Select from an assortment of scanning modes, including Hottest Point identification, Smooth Point analysis, Program Point evaluation, and Continuous Scanning (pendulum mode), adapting the A5-S-EX’s operation to the task.

Tailored Scanning Parameters: The A5-S-EX provides a spectrum of adjustable scanning parameters, from a range of ± 20º, to scanning steps ranging from 0.1º to 5º, and customizable scanning times.

Optimal Working Parameters: With a minimal operational distance of 1 meter, the A5-S-EX caters to a range of working conditions, while the maximum operational distance varies based on the target size.

Unleashing Mobile Potential: The A5-S-EX’s utility extends to the AST Mobile Application software, facilitating wireless control via Bluetooth connectivity on Android devices.

Elevate your Aluminium applications with the A5-S-EX’s unmatched accuracy, versatile scanning, and cutting-edge technology. Discover a new echelon of precision pyrometry that is set to redefine industry standards.

Model Details

  • Simple to use – No calibration required
  • High accuracy – (1%) in real site conditions
  • Capable of measuring targets with variable emissivity
  • Measures through smoke, dust, water vapor etc.
  • Rugged design
  • Full range of accessories
  • Wide range of built-in functions
  • AST NET software for PC
  • Selection of scanning modes: Hottest point, Smooth point, Program point,
  • Continuous scanning (pendulum mode)
  • Adjustable scanning range up to ± 20º
  • Adjustable scanning step from 0.1º to 5º
  • Adjustable scanning time
  • Minimal working distance 1 meter
  • Maximal working distance target size dependence
  • AST Mobile Application software for Android via Bluetooth

Model Details

ModelTemperature RangeSpectral RangeAimingDownload
A5-S-EX105°C – 900°C (221°F – 1652°F)
200°C – 1640°C (392°F – 2984°F)
250°C – 1850°C (482°F – 3362°F)
360°C – 2500°C (680°C – 4532°C)
2.1 – 2.4 μmLaser Pilot LightDatasheet

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